**Colorful New Beginning**

Linda Eader Fine Art
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Marine Life 

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Florals and Butterflies

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Animals and Pet Portraits

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Linda Eader

Ohio Born, Michigan Lived, Florida Based Artist.

I’ve always painted in Oils and Watercolor, and now Alcohol Inks!  I’m all about Vivid Color and Luminosity in my pieces. Nothing gets me more Excited!

I’ve loved Art for longer than I can even remember!  I recently found my First Grade Report Card in a box at my Parent’s home in Ohio. My Teacher had written “Exceptional Art Ability” on it.  Finding the report card felt like a sign from Mother who had just passed away. I had Studied and Taught Art for many years but had given it up for other endeavors after moving to Florida. I needed to get back to my Art.  It was a good call because within 1 year I had sold several originals and had won Award of Merit in an Exhibit at VAC for one of my Alcohol Inks.

Yes, my Art has taken on a high Priority… a Colorful New Beginning!   


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Feel free to contact me directly by email at art@lindaeaderfineart.com.